Nicolas Quintana

All our gratitude to the great architect Nicolás Quintana. An example to us all as an architect and person. It was a pleasure to share with you that day in December.
Our deepest condolences to family and friends.


Vidhya Pushpanatan


A student of this unit, Vidhya Pushpanatan has got the AA Travle Prize 2011. Congratulations.

Anthony Logothetis

One of Inter Unit 8 has put into the market one of the designs made in the unit. Please have a look!


Projects Review Exhibition

Thank you to all students for their hard work to create such a great spot in the projects review exhibition. Specially to Lara, Vidhya, Yonatan, Eliska & Fatemeh.

Intermediate Unit 8 is on the old computer room, 1st floor back, 36 Bedford Square Building. Enter the room and go left , it is just on the corner.