“Civil world is the free play of forms-of-life; it is the principle of their coexistence” Tiqqun, Introduction to civil world

Intense migration flows witnessed recently in big cities has been challenging the traditional understanding of the political organization of human living in the urban realm. The unprecedented clash of different forms-of-life due to these changing conditions has established not only a new relationship between inhabitation and the city, but also a redefinition of the key agents in political terms. Latest social unrest in Islamic countries has shown us that contemporary society concerns are not discussed in the traditional parliaments or councils anymore, but in the public spaces of the city itself.

Following this principle, Inter Unit 8Politics of fabrication II understands that the coexistence of diverse and conflicting forms-of-life in the contemporary city needs to be readdressed and reframed in the urban ground itself. This implies a new spatial and physical layout of enabling the presence and frictional interaction/negotiation of these forms-of-life of those who share the city. The location chosen is the city of Miami, the major entry point for Latin American immigrants in the United States. In particular, the focus of students work has been the Little Havana neighborhood, for years the epicentre of the political expression of the dominant Cuban immigrants and the most multicultural neighborhoods in the city at the present. In this area a pervading logic of city space privatization has lead to an increasing tension between individuals and groups with different cultural, social, ethnic and economical backgrounds inhabiting the neighborhood. Exploring this particular matter, students have thought about the importance of public space as the necessary space of encounter, interaction and negotiation between these different ways of living now present in the city, and recovering its political value in a contemporary Latin-American metropolis.


Fabrication on Frame

End of the Second Term Jury








Intermediate Unit 8 End of the Second Term Jury will be on Friday 1st of April in from 10 to 7pm in 32 Bedford Square building Ground Floor Back Our guest will be Lucy Bullivant, Chris Lee (MA Projective cities), Pierre D´Avoine (Pierre d'Avoine Architects), Christina Doumpioti (AA Emtech) , José Sanchez (DRL), Manuel Jimenez (DRL) & Douglas Spencer (AA Landscape Urbanism). Thank you very much to students and guest critcs!

Kinetic Structures

Tim Petrince
George Rickey


Tutorials 28.03.11


Next Monday 2nd years will have tutorials as follows, 10.30 Fatemeh 11.00 Vidhya 11.30 Francesca 12.00 Lara 12.30 Yonatan

3rd Year Preview Tables

Next week Tuesday 29th of March and Wednesday 30th of March 3rd year students in the unit will have their Preview Tables in 36 Rear First Presentation Room.(Old Computer Room). Please be on tiem for your reviews.

Tuesday 29th March 2011
Table 5 – OPEN ROOM 1
14.00 Mr Pak Yue Wong
14.30 Mr Dimitri Chaava
15.00 Mr Anthony Logothetis

Wednesday 30th March 2011
Table 4
10.00 Miss Adora Shahriman
10.30 Miss Elora Brahmachari
11.00 Ms Yiming Huang
11.30 Miss Eliska Pilna

Fabrication Workshop - Hooke Park


Tutorials 25.03.11

Next Friday 3rd years should come with their portfolios to check them in the tutorial. Please bring an A2 printted version of your portfolios. Those who have not finished their models bring them as they are right now. You can finish them later.
3.30 Elora
4.00 Joshua
4.30 Eliska
5.00 Anthony
5.30 Adora
6.00 Yiming
6.30 Dimitri


Fabrication 3 - Hooke Park

From Friday 18th to Tuesday 22nd of March we will go to Hooke Park to build your 1/5 or 1/1 models.On Thursday 17th wee will have a meeting at 7pm in the Unit Space to talk about it.

TS Final Jury

TS Final Submission will take place on Thursday 17th March 2011. On this day you are asked to submit your TS document (with name and unit clearly noted on the front cover) to No 38 First Floor Back at 9.30am sharp. Submission of your work is absolutely compulsory. The work will be assessed by the TS Staff in conversation us during the day and all work must then be collected at 6.00pm on the day of submission from the same room.

Models should be photographed and the images included as part of your paper submission. Actual models should be stored in your unit/studio space and the TS Staff will visit should they need to see in situ.

Tutorials 14.03.2011

Next Monday we will have tutorials in the unit space,
10.30 Adora
11.00 Elora
11.30 Dimitri
12.00 Yiming

2.00 pm Fatemeh
2.30 Lara
3.00 Francesca
3.30 Vidhya
4.00 Yonatan


Mid Term Jury

Next Friday 11th of March we will have a Mid-Term review in 33 Bedford Square First Floor Front from 9.30 am to 6pm. Our guests will be Ricardo Sosa Mejia (Zaha Hadid), Daniel Ayat ( AA H&T), Robert Stuart Smith (AA DRL), Stefano Rabolli Pansera (Inter Unit 5), Clara Oloriz (University of Navarra), Adam. R. Kaasa (LSE), Alexandros Kallegias, Esther Rivas Adrover (Oxford Brookes) and Tao Sule (Cambridge).


Tutorials 07.03.11

Next week Monday 7th March we will have tutorials to review the work till date in the unit. please bring all your work, models, drawings to check them for Friday Mid-Term Review. We will see you as follows,
10.30 Fatemeh
11.00 Vidhya
11.30 Francesca
12.00 Anthony
12.30 Adora

2.00 Yonatan
2.30 Lara
3.00 Elora
3.30 Joshua
4.00 Dimitri
4.30 Eliska
5.00 Yiming


Lara Yegenoglou

TS Interim Jury Day

TS Interim Jury Day for 3rd years will be on Friday 4th March at 10.00am in No 38 Bedford.All 3rd years should be there.

Carnival Time

Carnival Miami

Calle Ocho, Miami

Cadiz, Spain
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