“Civil world is the free play of forms-of-life; it is the principle of their coexistence” Tiqqun, Introduction to civil world

Intense migration flows witnessed recently in big cities has been challenging the traditional understanding of the political organization of human living in the urban realm. The unprecedented clash of different forms-of-life due to these changing conditions has established not only a new relationship between inhabitation and the city, but also a redefinition of the key agents in political terms. Latest social unrest in Islamic countries has shown us that contemporary society concerns are not discussed in the traditional parliaments or councils anymore, but in the public spaces of the city itself.

Following this principle, Inter Unit 8Politics of fabrication II understands that the coexistence of diverse and conflicting forms-of-life in the contemporary city needs to be readdressed and reframed in the urban ground itself. This implies a new spatial and physical layout of enabling the presence and frictional interaction/negotiation of these forms-of-life of those who share the city. The location chosen is the city of Miami, the major entry point for Latin American immigrants in the United States. In particular, the focus of students work has been the Little Havana neighborhood, for years the epicentre of the political expression of the dominant Cuban immigrants and the most multicultural neighborhoods in the city at the present. In this area a pervading logic of city space privatization has lead to an increasing tension between individuals and groups with different cultural, social, ethnic and economical backgrounds inhabiting the neighborhood. Exploring this particular matter, students have thought about the importance of public space as the necessary space of encounter, interaction and negotiation between these different ways of living now present in the city, and recovering its political value in a contemporary Latin-American metropolis.


Scales of Association

Monday 30th January
10.00 Lara
10.30 Fatemeh
11.00 Vidhya
11.30 Francesca
12.00 Yonatan

14.00 Adora
14.30 Dimitri
15.00 Eliska
15.30 Yiming
16.00 Joshua
16.30 Anthony
17.00 Elora

Reference for Scales of Association


Scales of Association

The associative dynamics created by first term schematic designs proposals will be
tested in the actual everyday life activities at the Little Havana neighbourhood and
Miami city scales.

Suggested Readings
Margaret CRAWFORD, John CHASE and John KALISKI: Everyday Urbanism, University of
Michigan, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, 2005.
Bruno Latour, Making the things Public, Atmospheres of Democracy, Cambridge, MA: MIT
Richard Sennett, Fall of the Public Man, London: Faber, 1986.


Tutorials Program 2

Friday 28th January (Nuria/Francisco)
14.00 Francesca / Adora
14.30 Fatemeh / Dimitri
15.00 Elora / Eliska
15.30 Vidhya / Yiming
18.00 Lara / Joshua
18.30 Yonatan /Anthony


Tutorials Program

Monday 24th January
14.00 Adora
14.45 Dimitri
15.30 Eliska
16.15 Yiming
17.00 Joshua
17.45 Anthony

Tuesday 25th January
14.00 Lara
14.45 Fatemeh
15.30 Elora
16.15 Vidhya
17.00 Francesca
17.45 Yonatan



This week we will explore in depth the programmatic issues of your designs and their capability to activate the space around. You will need to define the programs related to your proposal and their interaction with the exiting sourrounding programs of your sites.

Suggested Readings

Bernard Tschumi, “Program”, in Architecture and Disjunction, Cambridge, MA: MIT
Press, 1994. pp. 99-168
Kim Dovey and Scott Dickson, “Architecture and Freedom? Programmatic
Innovation in the Work of Koolhaas/OMA”, Journal of Architectural Education, ACSA
(2000), pp. 5-13.
Max Hacke


Action Animations Premier

Today, Saturday 22nd of January there will be the presentation of 12 animations in 4 Morwell Street 2nd floor big room. These animations will show the action by which Miami citizens will express their political positions in the frame designed.

Spacial thanks to the Workshop tutors: Ricardo Sosa and Gerry Cruz



OMA Prada Shop in New York
Reuse of Shopping


http://www.aaschool.ac.uk/PORTFOLIO/microsite.php?title=AAIS Interprofessional Studio&url=aais.aaschool.ac.uk/
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Tutorials 2nd week 2nd term

Monday 17th January
18.00 Anthony
18.30 Vidhya
19.00 Eliska
18.00 Lara
18.30 Elora
19.00 Yonatan
18.00 Francesca
18.30 Dimitri
19.00 Adora
18.00 Fatemeh
18.30 Yiming
19.00 Joshua


Animation Workshop

From Saturday 15th to Saturday 22nd of January there will be a workshop of Maya and Animation for your "Actions". The Schedule and rooms will be as follows,

Saturday 15th 2nd floor of 4 Morewell Street Induction
Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th 2nd floor of 4 Morewell Street Tutorials
Thursday 20th and Friday 21st 33 Ground Floor Back Tutorials
Saturday 22nd 2nd floor of 4 Morewell Street Final Presentation

The workshop will be taught by Gerry Cruz and Ricardo Sosa (Zaha Hadid).

End of the First Term Jury Images

Yonatan Buchhandler

Elora Brahmachari

Adora Rubiani

Anthony Logothetis

Dimitri Chaava

Thanks to Theo Spyropoulos, Edgar Gonzalez, Jeroen Ameijde and Olivier Ottevaere, Tanja Siems and Theo Lorenz, Ludovico Lombardi, Denis Lacej, Enriqueta Llabres and Eduardo Rico, Gerry Cruz and Ricardo Sosa.

Lara Yegenoglou

Vidhya Pushpanathan


End of the First Term Jury

The End of the First Term Jury will be on Friday 14th January in 16 Basement Morewell Street. It will be divided in two sessions –10am-1pm and 2pm-6pm. The Jury will be composed of Theo Spyropoulos (Director DRL), Edgar Gonzalez (BrisacGonzalez Architects), Jeroen Ameijde and Olivier Ottevaere (Inter Unit 6), Tanja Siems and Theo Lorenz (AA Interprofessional Studio), Ludovico Lombardi (Bartlett-Zaha Hadid), Denis Lacej (Will Allsop), Enriqueta Llabres and Eduardo Rico (Relational Urbanism - Berlage Institute), Gerry Cruz and Ricardo Sosa (Zaha Hadid).


Tutorials pre End of the First Term Jury

The first tutorials the new Term for the End of the Term Jury will be next Tuesday 11th of January as follows,

11.00 Eliska
11.30 Dimitri
12.00 Francesca
12.30 lara
14.00 Adora
14.30 Yonatan
15.00 Anthony
15.30 Elora
16.30 Yiming
17.00 Vidhya
17.30 fatemeh
18.00 Joshua

Please bring all the work you have done for the Jury, specially the last models and drawings we requested this Christmas break.